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To Cristian Mora, art is the search for truth and beauty in reality and imagination, in the natural and the unnatural, in the benign and the eldritch. A native of San Ramón, Costa Rica, he started painting rainforest scenes as a young child. His love to create only grew from there as he experimented with and discovered new styles and mediums. 


Working primarily in oils, Cristian incorporates a vast array of styles, subjects, and techniques, including Alla Prima work, plein air painting, city and landscapes, figure painting, and imaginative dark realism. He explores not only these but also other visual arts such as digital media, photography, and other traditional mediums.

Cristian’s studio is in Denver, CO.  He teaches at the Art Students League of Denver as well as private lessons. To see more of his work as well as his artistic journey follow @moraart on Instagram.

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